Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 at the Lewis School for Girls in Oxford, Mississippi. It was a cold winter night when our three founders were trapped at school for the holidays. It was in each other that these bright young women found comfort and they established Delta Gamma. Delta Gamma was one of the first women’s fraternities and today it is one of the largest women’s fraternities with 146 collegiate chapters and over 250 alumnae associations.

TAA members at a themed event.

TAA members at a themed event.

DG Facts:

  • Our symbol is the anchor, which is the age old symbol for Hope.
  • The cream coloured rose is named the “Delta Gamma Rose” by the American Rose Association.
  • Our mascot is Hannah Doll, originally Hannah was blonde but she is now commonly shown a Raggedy Anne Doll.
  • Our colours are bronze, pink and blue.
  • The philanthropy for Delta Gamma is Service for Sight, Delta Gamma was the first women’s fraternity to establish their own foundation.
  • Delta Gamma Executive Offices (EO) are located in Columbus, Ohio. EO is home to many Delta Gamma artifacts including personal items belonging to our three founders.


Toronto Alumnae Association members.

Members of the Toronto Alumnae Association at the Delta Gamma Convention in 2011.


With the motto “Do Good,” Delta Gamma encourages its members to support their communities, strive for excellence, and maintain strong personal values.

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