The BLUE Award

This award will be presented at the TAA Founders’ Day when a member qualifies for it.

Background: The Toronto Alumnae Association has existed for many decades because dedicated, creative women hold positions on its executive board and work hard to ensure it thrives. Some of these women return to serve multiple terms, and keep the TAA active and innovative.

Description and Criteria: The BLUE Award recognizes members of the Executive Board that have served for three or more consecutive years. These members may or may not have held more than one position on the board. To qualify for The BLUE Award, the members must be in good standing with the Fraternity and must meet all the requirements for the position they hold on the Executive Board in the third year.

The President and Awards Chair of the TAA will check to ensure all qualifying members meet the requirements for The BLUE Award, unless one of them qualifies as well. In this case, a non-qualifying member of the Executive Board will check to ensure the President and/or Awards Chair meets all the requirements for the award. The Awards Chair will notify all members who qualify for The BLUE Award prior to the Founders’ Day ceremony.