The PINK Award

The PINK Award has been awarded the past two years, first to Mae Enriquez and this year the award was given to Ripen Singh. This award is presented annually at the TAA Founders’ Day.

Background: The TAA has many sisters whose ages, life experiences, collegiate chapters, and home addresses differ widely and greatly. Many people, including DGs from other alumnae chapters, have commented on the unusual nature of the life-long friendship shared by the TAA alumnae sisters.The sisters share the same heartfelt bonds and life philosophies of goodness, engagement in the life of their communities and generosity of spirit.

Description and Criteria: The PINK Award has been inaugurated to recognize a collegiate DG who has demonstrated the highest qualities and behaviour of sisterhood in the past year. The PINK Award is intended to act as a bridge from the alumnae life of a TAA Delta Gamma to the collegiate life and to illustrate the life long spirit of sisterhood. The PINK Award will be given to the collegiate sister to contribute to her education.

Candidates for the award can apply or be nominated. A candidate must be entering, in the fall of the calendar year in which they are applying, the third or fourth year of her undergraduate studies at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Selection will be based on:

  • demonstrated leadership in the development of sisterhood the previous year.
  • recognition by collegiate and/or alumnae sisters as being the anchor of sisterhood by which we aim to live.
  • an exceptional commitment to and participation in university and broader community through, for example, philanthropy participation.
  • Applications and nominations must be sent as a separate document of approximately 500 words – word-processed or hand written (applications/nominations incorporated in emails only are not acceptable). Applications and nominations are to be submitted to the TAA Awards Chair. Selection will be made by the Awards committee and shall include the Awards Chair, the current President of the TAA and one other TAA Executive member. Applications and nominations must be received two weeks before the date of the annual Founders’ Day ceremony and celebration of the TAA.

NOTE: The TAA has not begun accepting applications/nominations for 2015