Past Executive Boards

The Toronto Alumni Association has a rich, vibrant history. Here is a list of the past Executive Boards who have helped the TAA grow and prosper.


Executive Board, 2011-2013

Jacqueline Martinz, President

Haylee Alderson, VP Programming

Heather Thurlow, VP Communications

Katherine Laycock (2012), VP Membership

Krystal Osborn (2012), VP Foundation

Hillary Carney (2011-2012), Lillian Tilbrook (2012-2013), VP Finance

Jean Griffiths, UTAC Representative

Patricia Stoll, Panhellenic Delegate/Awards Chair

Victoria Begin (2012), Webmaster

Mary Wells (2012), Special Auxiliary Officer


Executive Board, 2009-2011

Janal Bechthold, President

Lauren Schreinert, VP Membership

Jacqueline Martinz (2010), VP Foundation

Sasha Krystic, VP Finance